how to be a copywriting expert
How to be A Copywriting Expert
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After the Second World War my grandmother had a visit from some Russian soldiers. Since she didn’t speak Russian she tried to communicate with them in her own language. Naturally they didn’t understand her, so she raised her voice and spoke more slowly. They still didn’t understand.

But, as soon as she learned a few key Russian words and sentences, the whole atmosphere changed and relaxed.  They were able to talk and understand each other.

This incident taught me a most important lesson. If you want to connect with others, you have to speak their language. If you want to have a successful business, it’s a number one priority.

To introduce people to your product or service, you need a Sales Letter, Brochure or other marketing material that speaks directly to the heart of your prospect…one that speaks their language.

Unless people see a benefit they will not be interested in your product.

The Sales letter is a Life Line with your Customer…your first representative. It is difficult to make a first impression the second time.

Which is the reason I’m writing to you. For years I have struggled to answer the question I am often asked by people who want to make an income online:

That question is, “Where should I start?”

Do you know what separates business owners who make large profits from those that who struggle or just get by? Very little.

It’s simply how you communication through your Sales Letter. But that little bit makes a huge difference.

You see, selling your product or service online without a proven plan and Sales Letter is like cooking a meal without a recipe…you’ll make lots of mistakes and waste a lot of money. Likewise, people throw away heaps of money with poorly written ads and mailings.

They make critical yet basic mistakes.
Do You Want to Know:

How to solve his/hers problem by the benefits of your product?

How to get them emotionally involved with your product?

How to develop a personal relationship with your customers?

How to recommend your product to your readers in a way they can’t wait to buy (and earn you a fat profit)?

Stop Writing Sales Letters The Hard Way!

It’s Easy to Create a Sales Letter Guaranteed to Sell Your Product or Service.

To write a Sales Letter you have a few options:

Employ a copywriter

Employ a ghost writer

Write it yourself from the scratch

Buy a Sales Letter prewritten and modify it for your situation

Buy a Sales Letter template and fill the blanks

If you are selling your own product, you are the best qualified person to write this letter.

 You have a deep knowledge of your product

 You know your strong and weak points.

 You also have emotional ties to your product.

This is your big advantage, because people buy products based on their emotional decisions. They will ask “what’s in it for me” and buy the benefits of your product, not necessarily the product’s features.

Remember, the Sales Letter is not an exercise in the English language. Just imagine you’re talking to your customer on a one-to-one basis, having a coffee together. People don’t want to be sold, they don’t want to buy. People want to satisfy their wants (opposite to their needs).

Put into this letter your enthusiasm and feeling.  Let the reader feel it.

To do that and to make more money regardless of the business you’re in, you need to get access to the basic vocabulary copywriters use.

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How To Be a Copywriting Expert


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